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Geranium Rozanne.
A plant for everybody, everywhere.

Geranium Rozanne® ('Gerwat') is the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 'Plant of the Centenary'.

Voted for by members of the public, this unique accolade was created to celebrate the RHS Chelsea Flower Show’s 100th anniversary. Ten candidates were selected by a panel of RHS experts to represent each of the ten decades of the show’s existence. Having been exhibited there in 2000, in a garden design by Adrian Bloom that had it spilling out of a well, Rozanne® was selected as the Plant of the Decade for 1993-2002. The public were then left to decide which of the ten should be crowned ‘Plant of the Centenary’.

Together with the RHS Award of Garden Merit and the extremely prestigious American award PPA Perennial Plant of the Year (2008), this latest victory reconfirms Rozanne's impeccable credentials as a truly garden worthy plant which has already stood the test of time, still unsurpassed after 13 years in the market. With over 12 million plants sold throughout the world, this is a shining example of quality achieving the success it deserves.

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What is Geranium Rozanne®?

Geranium Rozanne® ('Gerwat) - to give her her full botanical name - is a Hardy Geranium. Hardy Geraniums are perennial plants that live for many years, dying down each autumn to re-emerge bigger and better the following spring. They are very well suited to the UK climate.

Although they are part of the same Geraniaceae family, Hardy Geranium are very different to Pelargoniums, which are also commonly referred to as Geraniums but are half-hardy plants that tend to be treated like annuals and used as bedding in the UK due to their inability to survive the cool climate.

So many flowers, for so long!

Geranium Rozanne® is the perennial with the profuse flower power of an annual, producing a continual stream of large violet-blue flowers from May right through to the first hard autumn frosts. No other Hardy Geranium puts on such an extended show.

Easy to grow, wherever you are

How many times have you discovered a plant you’d love to grow, only to find out it doesn’t take kindly to the climate you live in?

With Geranium Rozanne® that’s not an issue. This exceptional Hardy Geranium is growing successfully in a range of different climates, from temperate Somerset where she began life to cool Canada to the heat and humidity of California and Georgia. Naturally she grows well right across Europe, being equally at home in cool dreary conditions as she is in blistering heat. She thrives in both sun and shade, flowering more prolifically in part shade. Afternoon shade is advised when the mercury regularly rises above 26°C / 80°F.

She’s not tremendously fussy about soil types and can tough it out through rain and sun, needing just a little care that she doesn’t get too dry or waterlogged – even Geranium Rozanne® has a few basic needs.

So wherever you live, whatever your level of gardening expertise, you can enjoy Rozanne’s magnificent show from spring through to late autumn, year after year.

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Borders and groundcover

Geranium Rozanne® is naturally a perfect border plant, giving the garden a bold splash of blue right through the summer. Because of her dense habit, weeds have a hard job taking root in the same spot. She can spread to fill large spaces, so if you’d rather have gorgeous blue flowers than endless rounds of weeding, Rozanne® is the plant for you!


Despite her sizeable nature, Rozanne® takes well to being grown in patio containers and even hanging baskets and window boxes, spilling beautiful blue-flowered trailing stems over the sides. Examples of these can be seen at Foggy Bottom in The Bressingham Gardens.


Because of her robust constitution, energetic habit, low maintenance requirements and long flowering period, as well as her decorative beauty of course, Rozanne® is perfect for mass plantings. She’s become popular among landscape designers, particularly in Germany. The famous River of Rozanne® at The Bressingham Gardens n the UK, which has been replicated in in Germany and the USA, demonstrates more artistic landscape possibilities.

What others have to say

Karen Chapman, writing on, described Geranium Rozanne "as one of the best summer performers I have ever grown". Check out her ideas and recommendations for using Geranium Rozanne

Internationally recognised quality

Much more than just a pretty face, Geranium Rozanne’s popularity has come from her superior quality and reliability. As well as being recommended by many top gardeners and leading designers across the UK, Europe and the USA, she has been officially recognised by some of the world’s most respected gardening bodies through the following awards.


UK - RHS Award of Garden Merit 2006
USA - Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year 2008



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