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AllPlant bv

imageAllPlant bv is a proud producer of Geranium Rozanne® and many more varieties. It's easy to spot their office!

AllPlant bv produces and markets young plants, mainly perennials, to professional growers. Being specialized in Tissue-Culture plants AllPlant supplies other propagators with Tisssue-Culture stage 3 plants and growers with high quality rooted plugs.

We continuously aim to be innovative in:

• New plants in co-operation with breeders
• Tissue-Culture production of these plants
• Plugs from tissue culture plants and unrooted cuttings
• Marketing and sales of young plants to professional growers

AllPlant bv guarantees continuity by striving for the highest quality young plants and continuous offering of new varieties to our grower customers.

We are proud to be a Must Have Perennials™ licensee.

image image Simon Gootjes - owner (left) and Thon Groenendijk - Sales & Planning (right)

Licensee location

The Netherlands

Countries supplied

UK, Europe

Plant material

TC Plugs, Stage III Tissue Culture, Rooted Cuttings

Witte Paal 66
1742 NV Schagen

Phone +31 (0) 72 7112806
Fax +31 (0) 72 5712707



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