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Mark Smith

imageBreeder Mark Smith holds Bachelor and Masters degrees in horticulture from the University of Connecticut’s highly regarded programme. He worked in ornamental horticulture through high school, but credits his grandfather with instilling his love of plants even earlier.

Drawing on his years of experience breeding world-famous Yoder garden mums, Mark turned his attention to perennials. The results have been impressive.

The Vintage series of hardy Hibiscus cultivars feature a shorter growth habit that is full and uniform with more flowers than others in the genus. Sturdy, stocky plants fill out quickly in the landscape and in containers with no pinching needed.

The Cordials series brings a new look to hardy Hibiscus with their bold, uniquely shaped leaves and sturdy plant habit. Cultivars in the series are Hibiscus ‘Brandy Punch’, ‘Cherry Brandy’, ‘Cinnamon Grappa’ and ‘Peppermint Schnapps’.

Dendranthema Igloo varieties are tough and reliably hardy garden mums. The series of five varieties is a breeding breakthrough for the genus with dome-shaped plant habits and long-blooming masses of flowers in lively autumn colours. No pinching is needed in grower production or in the garden!

Mark's varieties

Dendranthema Igloo series
Dendranthema Cool Igloo
Dendranthema Frosty Igloo
Dendranthema Rosy Igloo
Dendranthema Sunny Igloo
Dendranthema Warm Igloo

Hibiscus Vintage series
Hibiscus Carafe Grenache
Hibiscus Splash Pinot Grigio
Hibiscus Splash Pinot Noir
Hibiscus Cordials series
Hibiscus Cordials 'Brandy Punch'
Hibiscus Cordials 'Cherry Brandy'
Hibiscus Cordials 'Cinnamon Grappa'
Hibiscus Cordials 'Peppermint Schnaps'

D_CoolIgloo_cu D_FrostyIgloo_cu D_RosyIgloo_cu D_SunnyIgloo_cu D_WarmIgloo_cu H_Grenache_CU H_PinotGrigio_cu2 H_PinotNoir_CU H_BrandyPunch_cu H_CherryBrandy_cu H_CinnimonGrappa_cu H_PeppermintSchnapps_cu


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