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Use and download Must Have Perennials™ logo

Take advantage of our marketing activities for Rozanne and Friends™ and make it easy for your customers to identify the Rozanne and Friends™ plants you offer.

• Use the Rozanne and Friends™ name in variety descriptive copy (web, catalogue, Point of Sale and other marketing materials). Please ensure the ™ symbol is always shown together with the name on plant labels.

• Use the Floral Stake logo (shown right) whenever possible.

Floral Stake logo

Whenever possible, the logo should be expressed in full color, using Pantone 5275C (or CMYK: C=71 M=71 Y=31 K=13) as the preferred color usage.
Alternative color is 100 percent black.

The Floral Stake logo must be used at correct angle as shown here (corner lines are shown here only to guide positioning; they are not part of the logo).

The Floral Stake logo may be used by any company promoting Rozanne and Friends™ perennials. It is a requirement on plant labels for varieties. Other usage options include, but are not limited to, catalogues, advertisements, point of sale and other marketing materials.

The logo can be downloaded by clicking the links below. Ensure you select the correct file type for your production needs.

If you have any questions concerning use of the Rozanne and Friends™ name please contact us.


extension_icon LOGO_RozanneAndFriends-Stake_COLOR.jpg
extension_icon LOGO_RozanneAndFriends-Stake_ANGLE-GUIDE.jpg



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