Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Did you know that we’ve been monitoring news media outlets for articles on perennial varieties marketed under the Rozanne and Friends® consumer brand?

Well, we have been—since 2008!

You can find lists by year for these articles at the In The Media link on the Rozanne and Friends website.

Early on, articles are predominately about the star of the show—Geranium Rozanne. Now we are seeing more and more articles about her friends appearing in the news. The Dendranthema Igloo Series of Perennial Mums and Euphorbia Bonfire are recent examples.

This is important to you, as participants in the Must Have Perennials® industry, since such press increases awareness of our brand to consumers, who will look to you for supply!

Part of our marketing value for you is to serve as a resource for such information to these media outlets. If you have some local media outlets that could use some information on our program, Contact Us to let us know your needs.

So, while you have a little time before spring madness arrives, why not read some of these articles to see what is being communicated to consumers?