Primula veris Katy McSparron ('Prinic')

Common name: Primrose

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Lovely clusters of double yellow flowers form on elongated flower stalks above tufts of elongated oval foliage. Blooms all spring. Delightfully fragrant double flowers are long blooming. Comes to Must Have Perennials after 12 years of cross breeding and hand pollination by Geoff Nicole of Wales, U.K., who named it after his granddaughter.

Uses & Attributes

Front border, Rock garden, Container, Cut flower, Long Blooming, Fragrant flowers, Deer resistant

Growing & Marketing Advice

Prefers moist, organic soils. In warmer regions, provide extra moisture and protect from hot afternoon sun. Many growers know Primula as a major part of a "cool crop" program to help keep winter heating costs low. Plants are completely winter hardy, but can suffer if exposed to too much summer heat without adequate moisture. Primula is happiest in regions with cool summers, but they can be grown successfully in almost any Zone.


  • Height: 12"/30cm
  • Spread: 16"/41cm
  • Habit: Upright


  • Blooming time: Spring
  • Flower color: Yellow
  • Foliage color: Green