Where Rozanne Rambles, Azure Rush Ambles


geranium azure rush


Are your customers looking for a low maintenance, easy to grow geranium to add gorgeous splashes of color to their gardens?

“Where Rozanne rambles, Azure Rush ambles.”

A sport of the world’s best-selling hardy perennial, Geranium Rozanne®, Azure Rush features a more compact mounding habit and shorter internodes, resulting in a neater and lower-growing plant and earning her the nickname “Rozanne’s smaller daughter.” She also shares the hardiness, versatility and gorgeous blooms that have made Rozanne an industry star for over 20 years. Azure Rush sports 2.5”, saucer-shaped, sky-blue flowers with intricate purple veining that bloom from late spring through late fall.

Azure Rush is a premier choice for garden ground cover or is right at home in a patio planter, hanging basket or window box – her gently fragrant flowers add enjoyment to any garden space.

Recently, Azure Rush was featured in Fine Gardening Magazine writer Richard Hawke’s article featuring “10 Perennial Standouts” and praised for her long blooming period and exceptional quality garden performance. “Azure Rush embodies the greatest qualities of long-blooming Rozanne, but its lighter blue flowers with their ghostly eye are a charming distinction.”

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For Growers

  • Typically plant 1 liner per 1-gallon (4 liter) pot.
  • Vernalization is not required for flowering.
  • Media pH: 5.5 to 6.5
  • Media EC: 1.5 to 3 mmhos/cm
  • Watch for shore fly, fungus gnats, bacterial leaf spots

See Azure Rush Grower Technical Guide for more information.

Uses & Attributes

Front border, Groundcover, Containers, Hanging basket, Long, blooming, Fragrant foliage

In the garden

  • Like ‘Rozanne’, has a long blooming period from late May until frost.
  • Vigorous growing plants have a compact, self-branching habit.
  • Plant in March and April for finished flowering plants in 9 to 11 weeks.
  • Prefers average well-drained garden soils. Moist organic soils will promote spread.
  • Attracts butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. Tolerates rabbits and deer.
  • USDA Hardiness Zone: 5-8
  • Thrives in sun or part shade.
  • Height: 12” to 18”
  • Spread: 24” to 30”

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