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The Rozanne® and Friends Experience

This plant really doesn’t need much of an introduction! Geranium Rozanne® was the catalyst for our Rozanne® and Friends consumer marketing program. The top-selling perennial in the world, Rozanne earned prestigious recognition as the Royal Horticultural Society’s Plant of the Centenary and the Perennial Plant Association’s Plant of the Year, among many other awards.

Basically, Rozanne can be grown by everyone, everywhere across a broad range of climates worldwide. It’s a perennial with the profuse flower power of an annual, producing a continual stream of large violet-blue flowers from May right through to the first hard fall frosts. Few perennial plants can make that claim.
In late 2014, an experimental Social Media campaign was launched to introduce Geranium Rozanne as a personality. Think of her as a friend you can rely on for inspiration and advice about gardening and more. In 2017, Rozanne reached 100,000 followers on Facebook, and that number continues to grow daily.  Geranium Rozanne is the most popular variety in the world on Social Media. Rozanne is now introducing her “friends”, other great garden perennials from our breeders, to her followers and on rozanneandfriends.com.


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Must Have Perennials Garden Design Program

This next phase is working with regional experts to develop garden designs. We will use the top 150 to 200 perennials (including Rozanne and Friends) in eight regions across the U.S., starting with the Northeast, Midwest and MidAtlantic.

Consumer Education: To include illustrations of garden designs and point-of-sale materials. This is a great way to feature key Rozanne and Friends perennial varieties, to show and sell plant combinations.

Point of Purchase materials for retailer in-store marketing.

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