About Must Have Perennials®

About Must Have Perennials®

Must Have Perennials® has been connecting breeders and their plants to a network of experienced propagators, growers and retailers around the world for over 25 years to bring new perennial plants to market.

We trial potential introductions at secure locations worldwide in all types of climates and conditions to thoroughly test the merits of each plant over a period of years. Ongoing testing at universities and botanic gardens further documents regional plant performance over time.

We focus on an inventive approach for market pull-through from breeders to the end consumer. The Must Have Perennials website is our communication venue for information and support for the grower “industry” with expanded emphasis for retailers. The Rozanne and Friends website was created to reach consumers and is tied to our Rozanne and Friends® marketing program and Social Media campaign for gardeners and non-gardeners who want to have plants as part of their lifestyle.

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