Danny Takao

Danny Takao of Takao Nursery in Fresno, California, USA. His nursery is a dedicated supplier of perennial liners, shipping young plants to growers on the West Coast and throughout the US.

He is active within his company and in the horticulture industry and is a past President of American Hort. As a plantsman he is constantly looking at plants, searching for something new to offer his customers.

“It is always interesting and exciting to find a brand new plant that is not yet on the market,” he says.

Lithodora diffusa ‘White Star’ was discovered as a sport at his nursery. The cultivar was trialed for four years to determine its color stability and garden performance. Later, it was commercially introduced through the Must Have Perennials program. Five-petaled flowers have a clean white star that looks as though it is painted on a bright blue background. Plants grow into low cushiony mounds, flowering in late spring.