Edward Wilson

Edward Wilson grew up near the famous Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, in the UK. His mother introduced him to the many Penstemons growing there while walking. He also studied at Pershore College, which has a National Collection of Penstemon.

For more than 25 years he was dedicated to the breeding of Penstemon in the Village of Pensham in England. He aimed to produce a new series of Penstemon which were completely individual, bringing new colors ranging from subtle, paler shades to strong vibrant tones. He focused on bringing strength and vigor to his cultivars. Later, he produced plants that would flower for six months of the year and have a long life span.

Edward’s plants are all known under the Pensham ™ brand, and are now famous in the U.K. The Pensham ™ series produces barrages of upright stems, bearing dozens of flared trumpet-shaped flowers in a variety of colors. These include cerise, purple, antique red, white and pink. All have prominent stamens and contrasting paler interiors. Recent introductions to Must Have Perennials are becoming available internationally.

Penstemon Pensham™ Amelia Jayne
Penstemon Pensham™ Czar
Penstemon Pensham™ Elanor Young
Penstemon Pensham™ Laura
Penstemon Pensham™ Loganberry Ice