Campanula Blue Waterfall Bellflower


Campanula Blue WaterfallToday’s blog features Campanula poscharskyana Blue Waterfall (‘Camgood’ PP#13161, PBR), which comes to Rozanne and Friends® from Adrian Bloom.

Blue Waterfall is a spreader and flowers on ends of long, trailing stems. So while you have flowers giving a blue waterfall look, the center of the plant stays green.

Flowers are lavender blue, with a lighter center eye. Blooms late May to late July and sparingly again in fall when cut back to the central crown after initial flowering is spent.

This species of Campanula originated in Yugoslavia, so you may sometimes see the common name “Serbian Bellflower”. It is a great plant for rock gardens, front of border or to use in containers.

For growers

  • Typically plant 1 liner per quart (1 liter) or 1-gallon (4 liter) pots.
  • Vernalization is beneficial for bigger plants, but not required for flowering. Overwinter outdoors or inside cold greenhouses. Allow plants to emerge and flower with naturally occurring spring temperatures.
  • Long days are required for flowering. Plant unvernalized liners in March and July for flowering June to mid-July.
  • Water thoroughly but allow to dry slightly between irrigations.
  • Watch for aphids, spider mites, thrips, botrytis.
  • See our Technical Guide for more information.

Campanula Blue Waterfall in the Garden

In the garden

  • Campanula Blue Waterfall is a Rozanne and Friends® featured variety in our “Every Shrub Deserves a Pretty Skirt” garden design.
  • For front garden borders, rock gardens. Also, great in containers.
  • Hummingbirds and bees like its flowers, blooms a long time.
  • USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 to 9. Prefers cooler regions—plants suffer in high heat and humidity.
  • Grow in full sun.
  • Spread 24 inches (61 cm).
  • Height 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25 cm).
  • Prefers well-drained garden soils.
  • Cut back to central crown after flowering for renewed flowering by fall.