Cleaniness is Next to…


Well, not much else when it comes to propagating your next liner from Must Have Perennials® licensees!

Our network of licensees was chosen for, among other things, their reputation for providing clean, quality plants for your production.

Debbie Thorne, Agriculture Department Manager, celebrates opening of Skagit Gardens new, clean-stock greenhouse with Scott Crownover, President and CEO.

Recently, our supplier Skagit Gardens, issued this press release about their new clean-stock greenhouse, which completes their process plan for utilizing their new tissue culture lab.

Ever wonder about tissue culture techniques/technology?

Another licensee, Paul Nihot Tissue Culture, provides a list of tissue culture activities used to produce clean, quality liners for you.

Not only are our licensees concerned about clean-cultured product, some also employ environmentally-conscious, low pesticide-use practices for their crops.

Arjen Vriend, Sales and Business Manager, Pioneer Gardens, Inc.

For example, Roger McGaughey, Head Grower at license Pioneer Gardens, Inc., is a frequent speaker and writer on the subject of biological control of greenhouse production pests.  

Check out what Roger has to say on the biological control agent (BCA) programs at Pioneer Gardens, Inc.:

Achieving Our Biological Goals

Current BCAs and Beyond

Just a friendly reminder that our licensee network is working hard to improve their practices, which helps provide clean, quality liners to you.

So, you don’t need to worry about your starter material. You have enough to worry about, right?!