In Love with Mums! DENDRANTHEMA Igloo Series Perennial Mums


Fall is here! Which means it’s mum season.

We think you’ll love Must Have Perennials® DENDRANTHEMA Igloo Series of perennial mums for fall gardens and containers.

Some of you may be old enough to remember the old saying: “Let’s rub noses like the Eskimoses”. Well, we think you’ll love Must have Perennials® DENDRANTHEMA Igloo Series perennial mums enough to do just that!



Say what?

So just how does one pronounce “Dendranthema”? Here are some common pronunciations:

1. den-DRAN-theh-muh

2. den-DRAN-thee-mah

3. den-dran-THEE muh

Most-commonly accepted here in North America and the UK is #1 – den-DRAN-theh-muh. 
Just remember it's the one that rhymes with Chrysanthemum!


Why We Love Igloo Mums

Traditional garden mums are popular for their many colors, flower forms and rounded, mounded habits for fall decoration. However, some consumers lamented about their less-than-reliable hardiness in the garden.

The DENDRANTHEMA Igloo Series was specifically developed by breeding the popular traditional garden mum with the perennial “Sheffield”-type hardy mum, which has single flowers and limited colors, but great garden hardiness (Zones 4-9).

The Igloo hardy mum series brings unprecedented uniformity and flower power to the late summer/early autumn perennial border.

Why Consumers Choose Igloo Mums

Families of varieties offer consumers extended choices of flower forms and colors for their garden palette—with plants that have similar culture and use.

Decorative flowers give a more formal presentation, while spider and daisy flowers offer a more informal look.

Igloo Mums Burst with Colors!

White goes great with the blue color of Geranium Rozanne, whose rambling stems can intertwine with the Igloo perennial mums. Yellow is a great color for any fall garden. If you already have lots of other yellow-flowered perennials, then a red or bronze Igloo perennial mum would be a good choice.

An added bonus for gardeners with established landscape plantings of DENDRANTHEMA Igloo series perennial mums is that they flower midsummer, late June to early July, although this flowering is somewhat uneven on the plants. But after you enjoy these flowers, simply cut back plants halfway around the end of July for repeat blooming in mid- to late September with a full, mounded display of flowers.

Plants are typically grown and sold in the fall, along with traditional garden mums and other fall flowers.

Growers: check out our Technical Guide for DENDRANTHEMA Igloo Series perennial mums.

Best Fall Yet!

Growing Advice for Gardeners

Although plants can be enjoyed in their containers, garden performance is best when plants are placed in garden borders 4 to 6 weeks prior to hard frosts.

Gardeners should plant in well-drained locations, with at least a half day of sun wherever a splash of color is desired in your summer or fall border gardens.

Gardeners will notice that plants have lots of roots and plant stems (stolons) in their container.

Planting & Care Instructions

Cut an “X” about one-inch deep in the bottom of the root ball prior to planting. Spread out the flaps from the “X” when planting to direct new root growth into the planting site.

Water thoroughly after planting and as needed to prevent wilting until the first hard frost.

We recommend applying 2-inches of mulch around plants to help guard against ground thawing and heaving in the spring. Do not cutback old flowering stems; they help hold the mulch in place.

In spring after danger of frost, cutback old flowering stems and move mulch away from plants to avoid damage to developing new growth.

Do not pinch new shoot growth to allow budding and flowering midsummer.

Fertilize after new growth begins in spring and continue monthly until mid-August. Use garden granular, controlled-release or water-soluble fertilizers according to label instructions.

Retailers: check out our Rozanne and Friends website info for consumer information on DENDRANTHEMA Igloo Series perennial mums.


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