Geranium ‘Hexham Velvet’—A Lush and Luxurious Garden Addition!


Geranium Hexham Velvet Flower 2

Entice your customers with long-lasting bursts of color for their garden beds. For example, today’s blog features a plush and satiny variety of Geranium that we’re very excited to share with you. ‘Hexham Velvet’ (USPP #29455) comes to Rozanne and Friends® from UK Geranium breeders Cyril Foster and Robin Moss.

‘Hexham Velvet’ features lovely, low-spreading, upward-facing, satin pink flowers. In addition, the marbled green foliage takes on warm, red flushes during autumn months. This gorgeous Geranium is sure to turn heads all season long!

Everyone loves Geraniums!

If there’s one perennial flower we know, it’s the Geranium! 

Must Have Perennials is proud to have introduced the world’s best-selling hardy perennial to the marketplace, Geranium Rozanne®. Rozanne’s hardiness, versatility and gorgeous blooms have made it an industry star for over 20 years. In addition, she has also earned many awards and prestigious recognition as the Royal Horticultural Society’s Plant of the Centenary and the Perennial Plant Association’s Plant of the Year.

Much like Rozanne, ‘Hexham Velvet’ is a great choice for consumers. Especially those wanting to add easy care, lovely bursts of color to their gardens. ‘Hexham Velvet’ is excellent as a groundcover, in a patio planter, hanging basket or window box as well. In addition, this garden stunner also attracts helpful pollinators such as birds, bees and butterflies.

Geranium Hexham Velvet Border

Geranium ‘Hexham Velvet’ In The Garden

  • Best in borders, cottage gardens, containers, and as a groundcover.
  • Plants are attractive to bees and butterflies and have a long bloom period from June to August.
  • USDA Hardiness Zone 5.
  • Grow in sun or part-shade.
  • Spread 30 inches (75 cm).
  • Height 10 inches (25 cm).
  • Best in soil that’s free draining but does not dry out completely.


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