Geranium ‘Rozanne’, ‘Azure Rush’, ‘Blushing Turtle’


Many of you already know and love Geranium ‘Rozanne’. Here is cultural information for her and two of her family members ‘Azure Rush’ and ‘Blushing Turtle’.

Geranium ‘Rozanne’

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  • Comes from Donald and Rozanne Waterer, UK.
  • The best, most garden-worthy hardy Geranium you can grow!
  • Large 2.5″ (6cm) saucer-shaped, violet-blue* blooms with white centers flower profusely from late spring through November, or until frost—they just never quit!
  • *Her color can appear more violet under high light and temperature (as pictured far right), but more blue under shaded, cooler conditions.
  • Vernalization not required for flowering.
  • Unlike many Geraniums, ‘Rozanne’ has great heat tolerance, too!
  • Slightly marbled with chartreuse, deep-green foliage.
  • Plants form nice mounded clumps but her branches have a tendency to ramble, which makes a good groundcover, and allows use in hanging baskets or for “spillover” plants in containers.

Rozanne Grower Technical Guide


Geranium ‘Azure Rush’

Geranium_AzureRush_300x300px    Geranium_AzureRush_fp_Web_300x300

  • Comes to Rozanne and Friends™ from the Waterers.
  • A sport of Geranium ‘Rozanne’ with 2.5″ lighter blue flowers and a more compact, mounding habit.
  • Where ‘Rozanne’ rambles ‘Azure Rush’ ambles due to having shorter internodes, which make it neater and lower-growing.
  • Vernalization not required for flowering.
  • Thrives in hot, sunny locations.
  • Like ‘Rozanne’, has a long blooming period from late May until frost.
  • Vigorous growing plants have a compact, self-branching habit.

Azure Rush Grower Technical Guide


Geranium ‘Blushing Turtle’


  • Comes to Rozanne and Friends™ from British Columbia.
  • Has smaller but beautiful soft pink, 1″ flowers, with intricate veins of bolder, more vivid pink.
  • Vernalization not required for flowering.
  • Blooms heavily in June with some rebloom September through frost.
  • Rich green maple-leaf foliage forms thick, impressive mounds. Toothy leaves take on rich fall hues when cold weather arrives.
  • Trouble-free performer with fantastic garden presence.

Blushing Turtle Grower Technical Guide


Other Pertinent Points

  • Typically plant 1 liner per 6 to 8-inch (1 gallon) pots
  • Plant in March and April for finished flowering plants in 9 to 11 weeks.
  • In the garden, all can be grown in full sun, but will tolerate extreme summer heat better in part shade.
  • Prefers average well-drained garden soils. Moist organic soils will promote spread.

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