Helichrysum ‘Red Jewel’ Is A Garden Treasure



Helichrysum Red Jewel

Today’s blog features Helichrysum ‘Red Jewel’ (USPP#29067P2, PBR). This low-growing treasure comes to Rozanne® and Friends from English gardener Chris Bowyer.

This drought-tolerant gem of a plant features eye-catching buds that open to deep red flowers. Soft, silvery-gray foliage provides color interest all summer long, as well. ‘Red Jewel’ thrives in full sun and blooms through June in the U.S. and March-May in the U.K. Plants feature an upright and mounding habit, reaching a height of 11 inches and spread of 8-16 inches. 


A Jewel In The Rough

The common name, “Strawflower”, refers to the plant’s stiff, papery flower petals. Strawflower was originally introduced from Australia to England in the 1790s. Ancient Egyptians used strawflowers to decorate statues and Greeks mixed the flowers with honey to soothe burns. These herbaceous perennials are commonly grown as annuals in North America. However, they are evergreen in areas mild enough to enjoy for more than one season.  

Helichrysum ‘Red Jewel’ looks gorgeous in front borders, containers, and as dried flowers. Learn more here.

helichrysum 'red jewel'

 In the garden

  • For front garden borders. Also nice in containers.
  • Plants are great for dried flowers.
  • USDA Hardiness Zone: 8 to 11.
  • Grow in full sun. Plant in well-draining soil.
  • Water weekly during dry seasons.
  • Spread 8 to 16 inches (20 to 41 cm).
  • Height 11 inches (28 cm).
  • Deadhead to ensure season-long blooms.