Hibiscus Cordials Series—A Must Have For Your Summer Garden


Prepare to be intoxicated!

Today’s blog features the Cordial Series hybrids of Rose Mallow, Hibiscus moscheutos, which comes from Mark Smith, former breeder at Aris Horticulture, Inc.

The Hibiscus Cordial series is the perennial cousin to the exotic, tropical species that originated in India or China. Compared to similar perennial types, the Cordial Series have fuller and shorter habits. Varieties have large 8- to 10-inch (20 to 25 cm) flowers and foliage with a distinct maple-leaf shape.

Hibiscus Cordials Series Brandy Punch

‘Brandy Punch’ (USPP#18938) has pink flowers with hot pink veins and a deep red throat. Foliage has purple, green and bronze accents that nicely complement the flower color.  At the University of Georgia’s 2011 trial, it was a favorite of Allan Armitage.


Hibiscus Cordials Series Cherry Brandy Punch‘Cherry Brandy’ (USPP#18944) has deep rose red flowers. 



Hibiscus Cordials Series Cinnimon Grappa

‘Cinnamon Grappa’ (USPP#18964)  has rich red lush flowers, set against cool-green bold leaves. 



Hibiscus Cordial Series Pepppermint Schnapps

‘Peppermint Schnapps’ (USPP#18939) features smeared-pink flowers with dark pink stripes and throat. 



All flower in summer. Plant in full sun. Great for specimen, back and mixed flower borders. Also does well in containers.

These Hibiscus are long blooming and attractive to hummingbirds.

For growers

  • Typically plant 1 liner per 1 gallon (4 litre), 8- 12-inch (20 to 30 cm) pots.
  • Vernalization is not required.
  • Standard media pH: 5.5 to 6.5; standard media EC: 1.5 to 3.0 mmhos/cm (saturated paste).
  • Use consistent moisture and avoid wilting, or buds and leaves may drop.
  • Watch for whiteflies, Japanese beetles, spider mites, and Phytophthora.
  • Long days and warm temperatures are required for flowering—plant mid-April to early June, depending on your region—see our Technical Guide for details.
  • In general, plants flower 10 to 12 weeks after planting.

 In the garden

  • Height is 48 inches (122 cm); spread 36 inches (91 cm). Height will vary with amount of moisture received. In drier years, plants will be shorter, while in wetter years, plants will be taller.
  • Middle island or back garden borders; specimen or containers plantings.
  • Hummingbird attracter, blooms long time.
  • USDA Hardiness Zone 5 to 9.
  • Grow in full sun in well-drained soil, and water frequently to avoid water stress.
  • Do not allow plants to wilt prior to irrigation since leaves may yellow and drop.
  • Prefers moist, rich soils. In fact, you may see the common name for this plant listed as “Swamp Rose Mallow” often includes another adjective to reflect its moisture-loving preference.