How Quickly They Grow Up

Geranium Rozanne in landscape

This year, Geranium Rozanne® celebrated her 22nd anniversary of entering the commercial market!

Oh, Rozanne. It seems like only yesterday that she was just a small cutting, waiting to root and grow.

Well, she has not only rooted and grown, but blossomed into a full-grown personality!

Rozanne is well-known as the world’s most popular, best-selling perennial flower. In addition, she is also the face of an advanced marketing program, Rozanne and Friends®, which provides gardening inspiration and educational resources to gardeners and non-gardeners alike. This unique approach addresses the needs of consumers who continue to integrate plants into their lifestyle.

And speaking of faces, Rozanne has become Facebook’s most popular plant personality with 100,000+ followers! In addition, she is followed on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter—making her quite the social [media] butterfly!

Meanwhile, she works in tandem with Must Have Perennials®, an industry-focused program that markets its expertise and marketing support to breeders, helping bring their perennial plant discoveries to an international market.

Value Added Programs

These programs spread the news about their collection of varieties via websites, blogs, newsletters, social media and traditional media outlets. In short, the more the word gets out, the more demand can be generated.

For example, both employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to have the end user find our information. We aim to have our websites among the top internet search results. Inquiring minds want to know, and we want them to know it from us!

We’ve also added a “Garden Designs” section to our websites. Regional garden design experts are creating garden plans featuring Rozanne and Friends® varieties, and other key varieties in their region. Check them out here: Must Have Perennials and Rozanne and Friends .

The value of Garden Designs is twofold. It helps you and your customers show the consumer how to use these varieties in their garden. Meanwhile, it also shows breeders key variety targets for replacement. This drives innovation towards more exciting new varieties in our program!

In conclusion, congratulations, Rozanne! You’ve matured into a “flowerful” force to guide the introduction of exciting new perennial varieties to our marketplace!