Have No Fear — Garden Designs are Here!



Frustrated Gardener

Garden Designs are here!

Recently, the term “triskaidekaphobia” was in the news. It’s the fear of the number 13, and was mentioned in association with last month’s, Friday, April the 13th. It’s a compound word formed from the Greek words for “13” and “fear”.

There’s a myriad of plant tags, care sheets and plant-by-number programs out there. However, we’ve found that many consumers simply don’t know, and perhaps even fear, what perennials should be planted together for their garden designs. “Whattoplantwithwhataphobia”, perhaps?

So we enlisted regional garden design experts from across the United States and a digital illustrator to develop Garden Designs to alleviate this fear! This will help our gardener end user consumers be successful with perennials; especially our perennials promoted as Rozanne and Friends™ varieties.

How They Help

Growers and Retailers: On MustHavePerennials.com, you can find these designs along with  free printable/downloadable design posters (3 sizes!), design care & handling sheet, and a bench card for each variety in the design. Check out what you can get!

For Gardeners: On RozanneandFriends.com, they can find these designs along with a free printable/downloadable  poster and Care & Handling sheet of info on the design. Here’s what gardeners will see.

Breeders: Please note this important aspect of our sites—we show consumers how to use your potential Rozanne & Friends™ variety! Come join us for the fun and rewards! We also provide you with a list or palette of varieties chosen by our expert regional garden designers. You can use these to  review and determine which ones you may breed to replace and promote via Rozanne and Friends®.

In this type of project, it is a challenge to present designs as they appear over the seasons. Our illustrations show all varieties blooming at the same time. However, we clearly acknowledge this and give the actual expected bloom period for each variety.

We have incorporated search functionality to make things easy.  You can search for a given design name, site exposure, featured variety, region of the USA, or season of interest.

Furthermore, the “Garden Design Available” link on variety pages ( Must Have Perennials, Rozanne and Friends) allows you to search only for varieties for which a garden design is available.

Lots of ways to get this exciting, new information!

So get ready and promote this garden design asset to your customers. Likewise,”Just Say No” to “Whattoplantwithwhataphobia”.

Oh, and by the way, the next Friday the 13th is coming this July!