The Igloo Mum Series


Must Have Perennials Igloo Mums: Upholding the Yoder Brothers Tradition

For most people in the horticultural industry, perennial mums have long been historically synonymous with Yoder Brothers, Inc. This Barberton, Ohio, family-owned company was founded 100 years ago and became famous as the industry’s largest breeder, producer and seller of mums in the world. However, there have been some changes over the years, including the company’s name.

In the 1930’s, brothers Menno and Ira Yoder began to focus the family business on cut mums before expanding into potted and garden mum varieties. During this time they developed processes to ensure crop health ‒ including virus-indexing and clean-stock protocols that shaped the industry’s current practices today!

How did Yoder Brothers forge such a strong legacy in the horticulture industry? Through their commitment to quality, pioneering plant health practices, and providing 95% of mums to U.S. nurseries and greenhouses.


A New Chapter: Aris Horticulture, Inc.

Yoder Brothers, Inc. added hardy perennials to the mix in the 1990s and later rebranded as Aris Horticulture in 2008. With the addition of perennials, Aris expanded its commitment to bringing the best perennial plants to market. Aris supports these efforts from growing locations in Pennsylvania, Florida and Canada. As a division of Aris, Must Have Perennials is proud to carry on this tradition of quality embodied in our popular perennial line of Dendranthema Igloos.

Dendranthema Igloo Mums

Traditional garden mums are popular for their many colors, flower forms and rounded, mounded habits for fall decoration. However, many consumers lamented their less-than-reliable hardiness in the garden.

Our Must Have Perennials’ Igloo Mum is a little different than her other garden mum sisters. The Dendranthema Igloo Series was specifically developed by breeding the popular traditional garden mum with the hardy “Sheffield”-type perennial mum. As a result, Igloos boast lovely flowers and striking colors, in addition to great garden hardiness.

The Igloo perennial mum series brings unprecedented uniformity and flower power to the garden! Igloos are a great addition to late summer/early autumn perennial borders. Their wide array of flower shapes and colors make them the champions of all autumn gardens. Additionally, these flowers are deer-resistant and they attract butterflies. In short, they’ve got all the right features for a splendid garden.

Igloo Mum Care

Igloo Mums are excellent choices for green-thumbed novices as well as experienced gardeners. Your customers will love seeing these low-maintenance dendranthema succeed in:

  • USDA Hardiness Zones 4-9.
  • Full sun.
  • Well-drained soil.
  • Moderate water.
  • No need to pinch old flowers for new growth.

Growers: check out our Technical Guide for Dendranthema Igloo Series perennial mums.

We’re looking ahead to the Autumn season as signs are pointing toward an industry rebound after a tumultuous start to 2020. Do your customers love the look of mums in their fall gardens? If so, encourage them to add perennial mums to beds and containers. Click here to learn more about the Dendranthema Igloo Series.