Echinacea Lovely Lolly

Common name: Coneflower

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Echinacea Lovely Lolly has unique, lovely pink flowers 2.5-3.5”/6.5-9cm atop deep purple stems, making this Echinacea truly one of a kind. Great performance, blooming late June to late October. Plants really make a statement in mass plantings, as a beautiful centerpiece in a mixed container or as a cut flower in floral arrangements.

Uses & Attributes

Borders, Cut flower

Growing & Marketing Advice

Media Type: Use well-draining media. Moisture level: 2-3 (Range: 1-dry 5-wet). Media pH :6-7 (fairly tolerant).  Feeding Recommendations: Balanced feed at 100-150 ppm is sufficient for healthy growth during build-up. Lighting: Prefers full sun; will tolerate moderate shade once planted out. Vernalization: Not required for 1st year blooming. Scheduling Recommendations: Plant in weeks 46-52 for shipping in weeks 4-10; can be adjusted depending on cultural practices.


  • Height: 20-24”/50-60cm
  • Spread: 14”-16”/34-40cm
  • Habit: Upright



  • Blooming time: Summer, Autumn
  • Flower color: Pink
  • Foliage color: Green