Lavandula angustifolia Blue Cushion ('Schola')

Common name: Lavender

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Lavandula Blue Cushion features deep blue flowers from early to late summer. Gray-green, evergreen foliage on a compact bush. Spectacular dwarf cushion habit. Astonishing free-flowing character. Good for potpourri, sachets. Comes to Must Have Perennials from Mrs. Joan Schofield, England.

Uses & Attributes

Cut flower, Dried Flower, Long blooming, Fragrant flower, Fragrant foliage, Herb, Drought tolerant, Attracts butterflies and bees, Deer resistant Front border, Rock garden, Container,

Growing & Marketing Advice

Does well in a porous medium with good drainage. Lavenders are not heavy feeders. Allow to dry slightly between irrigations to avoid root problems.


  • Height: 16"/41cm
  • Spread: 16"/41cm
  • Habit: Upright


  • Blooming time: Summer
  • Flower color: Blue
  • Foliage color: Gray, Green