Solidago cutleri Goldrush ('Solbut')

Common name: Goldenrod

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USPP#16003, PBR


Solidago ‘Goldrush’ forms very attractive, uniform and compact mounds. Densely packed, four-inch “rods” of tiny individual yellow gold florets appear for about four weeks in August and September. ‘Goldrush’ heralds the coming of Autumn with masses of yellow flower clusters, all but concealing its rich green foliage for about a month. It is as though King Midas had strolled by and brushed against the plant. Comes to Must Have Perennials from John Butcher, Berkshire, England.

Uses & Attributes

Front border, Container

Growing & Marketing Advice

Prefers well-drained soils. Good air movement helps prevent rust and other fungal diseases. Solidago is a useful season extender for potted perennial sales.


  • Height: 12"/30cm
  • Spread: 30"/76cm
  • Habit: Mounded


  • Blooming time: Summer
  • Flower color: Yellow
  • Foliage color: Green