Who We Help

Found a Plant?

So you think you’ve found a new plant and don’t know what to do next? We have many years of experience in plant protection, trialing and marketing to help you plan out the best path to bring your plant to market. Our connections to produce and sell perennial plants are extensive. They include young plant and finished plant growers and retailers. We also work with garden designers and communicators to promote perennials all the way through to consumers.
See some of our plant breeders. Contact us to explore your options.

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Looking for an Experienced Young Plant Producer?

Our licensed propagators are experienced growers you already know and trust for supplying your perennial plant needs. Must Have Perennials® plants are trialed at their production locations to gather information about plant performance under growing conditions for their regional conditions. Feedback from these producers is included in our growing guides and variety descriptions. Sign up for our Must Have Perennials Blog to receive up-to-date growing and marketing tips in your in box. If you are a finished grower supplier of Must Have Perennials varieties, add your company as retail supplier.

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Social Media Connections

A fun, innovative social media program introduces and promotes the sale of multiple plants through our Rozanne and Friends program. There is also a consumer website at rozanneandfriends.com. It all started with award-winning Geranium Rozanne. A personality has been created for Rozanne based on her resilient nature. She quietly offers support and inspiration as a friend to potential gardeners with varying degrees of experience. Geranium Rozanne is now the single, most popular plant on Facebook with over 100,000 likes!
Sign up to be listed as a retail supplier on our rozanneandfriends.com website.

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Resources for Our Partners