How We Help Gardeners

How We Help Gardeners

We believe that a strong communications marketing platform to the end consumer is key! How we help gardeners determines how successful we are. It builds high volume sales for the entire supply chain. We’ve put this plan into practice. We have built incredibly consistent high volume sales of Geranium Rozanne over many years now by establishing a personality for “her” and strongly communicating with consumers via an effective Social Media program. Over 100,000 Facebook ‘likes’ demonstrates how successful this campaign continues to be.

We have now extended the Rozanne marketing platform to include dozens more Must Have Perennials varieties. is a website where consumers can learn about our full range of exciting, high performance perennials. They can also find ideas, hints and tips about using perennial plants in their gardens that tie in with their own lifestyles. This is all presented  in a friendly, easy to understand format which avoids gardening jargon and technical terms.

The website encourages consumer conversations with Rozanne via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. This, together with blogs and newsletters, establishes strong ‘relationships’ with the brand and allows for valuable insight into what matters most to gardeners and non-gardeners alike, and what they seek for their outdoor living spaces.

Coming very soon is the new Rozanne and Friends® Garden Design initiative. This program will show consumers which perennial flowers go well together in different garden and US climatic zones settings. This new service will help to ensure consumers choose the right plants for their lifestyle and location, as well as helping to build volume sales across the entire Must Have Perennials plant range.

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