How We Help Growers & Propagators

Growers & propagators bring the plants to market! At Must Have Perennials® we understand that our Propagator and Grower Partners need a comprehensive range of varieties that meet the needs and demands of the consumer plant market. And we also understand that plants need to have proven garden performance and be commercially viable to produce profitable, volume sales.

Our newly updated range consists of proven best-sellers such as Geranium Rozanne, Verbena Lollipop (UK, Europe) and Campanula Blue Waterfall. That also includes recent introductions such as Leucanthemum Freak! To name but a few. We are devoted to seeking out new, innovative perennial plants which offer real benefit and excellent garden performance to the end consumer. These varieties have the potential to generate high volume sales to those in the supply chain. And you have the reassurance that every variety has been thoroughly tested for reliability and garden performance in both North America and in Europe.

Must Have Perennials’ unique, two-brand marketing approach ensures that all our partners in the supply chain benefit from us taking our plant variety promotional messages right through to the end consumer, using the latest social media marketing communications and unique garden design concept to sell across our plant range.

To support you further in your own marketing activities on our varieties, we offer an extensive range of plant images, growing guides and point-of-purchase materials.

For full information, check out our home page on this site and also visit our consumer-only website to see some of our latest horticulture marketing ideas to engage directly with gardeners and non-gardeners.

Resources for Our Partners

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